Innovative solutions for preventing Marine pollution.

The only way to ensure our continued enjoyment of boating, fishing, skiing and other water-based recreational activities is for each of us to do our part to keep our nation's waterways clean.

Marinas face a special hazard, because the owner can be charged with the total cost of cleanup, plus fines and penalties for oil spilled in the marina facility, even if the operator is only slightly liable.  In addition, the owner can be held liable for property damage, economic losses resulting from destruction of real or personal property, natural resource damage, damages for loss of profits, and more. The best defense is to have an oil spill emergency response plan that includes oil absorbent products, like EnviroMarine's Remedy-8™ and   BilgeBoy™, SpillStop , Marina SpillPac ™ and a supply of spill cleanup materials and kits.

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